Top 10 Favorite Jeff 4 Justice Interview Moments Of 2012

These are the best moments in the many interviews I did this past year. What was your favorite interview of mine from this past year? Please let me know in the comments section.

Despite my great interviews, sometimes things go really bad. My two worst interview moments of least year are as follows:

-I Seem To Make Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Designer Michael Maloney Uncomfortable

-My Attempt To Joke With Wanda Sykes Fails

Now on to the best interview moments:

Jeffrey Deskovic & Jeff 4 Justice

My interview with Jeffrey Deskovic was one of my best of the past year.

10) Asking Jeffrey Deskovic If He Murdered His Classmate

I ask prison exoneree and wrongful conviction activist Jeffrey Deskovic why if he murdered his classmate as a teen and why he confessed to it if not.

9) “Epic Politics Man” Admits Media Bias

I catch “Epic Politics Man” Michael Shure of The Young Turks admitting media bias against alternative party candidates.

8) Goo Goo Dolls Supports Marriage Equality

I get Goo Goo Dolls lead singer Johnny Rzeznik on the record in support of marriage equality and also the advancement of alternative political parties.

7) Is Roseanne Barr A Satanist?

I ask Roseanne Barr about a talk show appearance in which she states that she sold he soul to the devil as a girl.

6) Luis J. Rodriguez On Supporting Of LGBT Equality

Justice Party Vice Presidential nominee and Chicano activist Luis J. Rodriguez eloquently opens up about his support of the LGBT equality to me.

5) Tom Goss On His Overweight Husband

I ask singer Tom Goss about being married to an overweight man.

4) Marks S. Allen’s Awkward Janet Jackson Interview Addressed

I point out Mark S. Allen’s hypocrisy regarding his referring to Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” when interviewing her about her being in a Tyler Perry movie.

3) Republicans Incoherent On Opposition To LGBT Equality

I attend a Tea Party candidates forum in my hometown and point out the inconsistency and illogicalness of being opposed to LGBT equality.

2) Voter Choice Reduction Proponent Called Out

I call out top 2 proponent Ted Downing for being dishonest about how top 2 voting laws would reduce voter choice.

1) Asking Porn Star If He Murdered Former Producer

I ask Sean Paul Lockhart (aka porn actor Brent Corrigan) if he had anything to do with the murder of his former porn producer.