My Top 20 Favorite Vids I Made In 2012

I enjoyed making these videos so much. What was your favorite video of mine this past year? Please let me know in the comments section.

20) Jeff After Prop 8 Strike Down By 9th Circuit Court

Celebrating Yet Another Court Strikebound Of Prop. 8 - Sign Typos Are The Printers Fault : )

As seen in vid #20, I participated in rally in Marysville CA after appeals courts strike down Prop 8 yet again. (sign typo was printer’s fault because they typed it up for us)

19) Stop Voting For Democrats & Republicans

18) Stupid Homos: Bossy Dating Profiles

17) Stupid Homophobe: No One Defines Themselves By Their Sexuality

16) How 3rd Parties Can Win By 2014 & 2016

15) Top 2 Voting Reduces Voter Choice! A Visual Explanation

14) Gay Guy Hates Obamacare Epic Rant — Re: depfox

13) Obama’s Marriage Equality Support Does Not OK His Evils

12) Brent Corrigan Opens Up On Murder Scandal

11) Homeless Homos Need Love Too

May Day Rally Los Angeles

Promoting alternative party advancement at May Day rally in Los Angeles is my #10 favorite vid of the year.

10) 3rd Party Advocacy At May Day Rally In Los Angeles

9) Another Bullying Victim! THIS MUST STOP!!!

8) Jeff 4 Justice: My Life Story

7) Helping Homeless Through Recycling – It’s Easy!

6) HRC Volunteers Heckled By Gay Activist

5) West Coast Road Trip

4) Gay Guy Goes Off On Anti-Gay County Supervisors

3) Jeff 4 Justice Channel Trailer – Extended

2) Top 15 Ways To Be A Popular Gay

1) 22 Ways You Pay For Your Enslavement