Making Headlines 2013

Here’s a list of media coverage I received in 2013.

2013 12-23 Legal System Entirely Nonsensical – Marc Stevens Interview

Marc Stevens shares Jeff’s interview with him.

2013 12-20 Cop Parks In Red Zone To Order Food

Cop Block shares Jeff’s video “Cop Parks In Red Zone To Order Food.”

2013 12-20 How Gay is Duck Dynasty Merchandise?

Excerpt: California vlogger and comedian Jeff 4 Justice took a trip to Walmart to check out the Duck Dynasty merchandise available, declaring it all “super gay.”

2013 11-28 Marriage Equality has parody support

Excerpt: “Born This Way is such a positive song,” Yankovic said in a interview with social justice activist and YouTube user Jeff 4 Justice.

2013 11-25 ‘Homeless’ YouTuber Calls Out Young Turks For ‘Unethical’ Indiegogo Campaign

Excerpt: Here we have a YouTuber who calls himself Jeff 4 Justice who has recently focused his camera lens on the Young Turks and their recent Indiegogo campaign.

2013 11-25 Weird Al Yankovic On Support For Gay Marriage And LGBT Rights

Excerpt: Online talk show personality and award-winning social justice activist Jeff 4 Justice spoke with “Weird Al” Yankovic about the legendary singer-satirist’s decision to donate proceeds from sales of ‘Perform This Way,’ his Lady Gaga parody, to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

2013 11-22 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic On Support For Gay Marriage, LGBT Rights

Excerpt:  Jeff 4 Justice spoke with “Weird Al” Yankovic about the legendary singer-satirist’s decision to donate proceeds from sales of “Perform This Way,” his Lady Gaga parody, to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

2013 11-22 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic on marriage equality

Excerpt: “Weird Al” Yankovic talked to online talk show personality and award winning social justice activist, Jeff 4 Justice about why he donated money from his Lady Gaga “Perform This Way” parody to HRC, his support for marriage equality, and why he’s not good at gay matchmaking.

2013 11-22 LGBT Ally Weird Al Yankovic Gave ‘Born This Way’ Proceeds to HRC

Excerpt: At a signing for Weird Al Yankovic’s new book My Teacher and Me, podcaster Jeff for Justice talked to the legendary parody singer about his Lady Gaga spoof single “Perform This Way” and why he decided to donate all proceeds of the song to the Human Rights Campaign.

2013 11-22 Weird Al Wants Us To Get Married

Excerpt: Al was cornered at a book signing by YouTuber (and frequent Queerty commenter) Jeff4 Justice, and peppered with questions about gays, intellectual property and dating.

2013 11-22 ’Weird Al’ Donates Gaga’s Parody Song Proceeds to HRC

Excerpt: During a recent signing for his new book “My New Teacher and Me!,” Yankovic told talk show Jeff 4 Justice that the money he made from the track will go to the HRC.

2013 11-22 Weird Al Yankovic supports marriage equality shares Jeff’s Weird Al Yankovic interview vid.

2013 11-22 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Supports Lady Gaga’s Pro-Gay Message In ‘Born This Way’

Excerpt:  I felt that donating to the HRC [Human Rights Campaign] that would show that it was all in good fun,” Yankovic told YouTube user Jeff4Justice.

2013 09-13 YouTube Blogger Interviews Glendora Homeless Living in Vehicles

Excerpt: A YouTube blogger who goes by the name Jeff 4 Justice wanted to document the experiences of homeless people forced to live in their vehicles, and he didn’t have to go far to find them.

2013 08-20 The Man Who Lives Out of His Van, Fighting for Equality

Excerpt: Jeff’s life on the road began in 2011. His interviewees have run the gamut: elected officials, celebrities, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and just about anyone else who’ll talk to him about the social justice issues he champions.

2013 06-28 Ted Olson Asked About Helping Paul Ryan, And LA’s Post-Court Happiness

Excerpt: Jeff 4 Justice, who attended the rally at West Hollywood, asked former Solicitor General and Prop 8 co-lead attorney Ted Olson about his decision to help Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, who is opposed to LGBT equality, prepare for the Vice Presidential debate.

2013 06-20 Bible Miniseries’ producers Roma Downey & Mark Burnett dodge anti-gay pastors involvement

Excerpt: Jeff 4 Justice snagged actress Roma Downey & and TV producer husband Mark Burnett about their highly watched miniseries “God.”

Celebrity 2013 04-21 Roma Downey & Mark Burnett [Read more…]

Making Headlines 2012

Here’s a list of media coverage I received in 2012. Please note that in some instances I am not cited but one of my original videos is featured.

2012 12-12 Blog – Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1265

Excerpt: Blogger Jeff 4 Justice interviews the singer-songwriter about gays and body image.

2012 10-10 Blog – Using Social Media for Grassroots Activism / Business 2 Community

Excerpt: Turns out, Jeff lives in a car, like many other people. Something I don’t (like to) think about too often. What is different about Jeff’s story is that he has taken to social media – blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – to help him get his message out.

2012 10-08 Blog – Using Social Media for Grassroots Activism / MarketingXLerator

Excerpt: If you check out some of Jeff’s channels, it’s obvious that he is frustrated, and I can understand that. I don’t agree with all of his comments and ideas but I applaud him for making an effort to get his voice out. [Read more…]

Making Headlines 2011

Here’s a list of media coverage I received in 2011. Please note that in some instances I am not cited but one of my original videos is featured.

2011 12-31 Newspaper – Open-carry ban, car-seat law are hot topics / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: “I think a person’s sexuality is clearly very important and relevant to who you are, that’s why so many (government leaders) list their marriage and their children as part of their bios) when they run”

2011 10-28 Newspaper – LGBT support advocated / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: …we need to provide social outlets, support groups for those who need them, and to empower activists. Not everyone needs to wave signs at demonstrations like I do. Whether at the forefront or behind the scenes or online or in the closet or out and visible, we can all help make things better.

2011 10-23 Newspaper – Talk Back: Marysville High vandalism, casino project, Garamendi / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: A Democrat who agrees with another Democrat? Astonishing. Next thing you know Republicans will be agreeing with Republicans.

2011 10-10 Newspaper – Signatures sought in Yuba-Sutter to repeal gay history law / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: “I’m out here just to promote the idea that there are folks out here who love gay and lesbian folks… And that I hope people have information on what the bill is and what it would do.”

2011 10-10 Blog – Exchange of differing views on homosexuality / The Appeal-Democrat

2011 09-23 Newspaper – Westboro protesters find opposition in Linda / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: Phelps, wearing a “God hates fags” T-shirt, pointed to Jeff, organizer of a new local gay and lesbian group, who was waving a rainbow flag. “God says though shall not lie down with mankind as with womankind,” Phelps said. “He wants to call it a right. He wants to call it a privilege. That’s what parents have taught this abominable nation.” [Read more…]

Making Headlines 2010

Here’s a list of media coverage I received in 2010.

This was my least active year.

2010 11-14 Newspaper – LBGT community can thrive / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: Having been in the closet, I empathize with those who feel they cannot be out. I empathize even more with the teens and those less financially-well-off who suffer the isolation and ostracizing that comes with being LGBT in Yuba-Sutter.

2010 04-08 Newspaper – Prop 14 ballot measure Prop. 14 Is Too Risky for the LGBT Community / Outword Magazine

Excerpt: If Prop. 14 passes, pro-equality state representative and congressional candidates will become unlikely to ever be competitive in regions dominated by anti-gay Republicans who win primary and general elections by margins of over 60% (the Yuba-Sutter area for example), because Republicans in those areas are vastly more likely to get the most votes in the primary election.

2010 03-23 Blog – Prop. 14 may work against pro-gay candidates / OutSacramento

Excerpt: Consider this scenario: in the primary election, if there are at least two Republican candidates and if there is only one unchallenged Democrat candidate (as is the case this year) and that Democrat became immersed in scandal to the extent that it cost him/her the election, the top two Republican candidates would emerge as the top two vote earners to face off in the General Election. Or suppose Republicans run two popular gubernatorial candidates (maybe another celebrity) and simply beat Democrats in the primary. Then, we’d be stuck with a November election without a Democrat candidate.
[Read more…]

Making Headlines 2005-2009

Here’s a list of media coverage I received from 2005-2009.

2009 05-26 Newspaper – Gay-rights advocates vow to fight on / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: Gay rights supporters are holding onto hope through the still-legal 18,000 marriages, said Jeff, former president of Yuba-Sutter Unity. “It’s sort of in a way going to help us in showing people that it’s absolutely senseless and absurd to deny them equal rights,” he said. “If these people enjoy their marriage equality, there is no reason to prohibit it.”

2008 09-11 Newspaper – No on 8 Headquarters Opens / San Francisco Bay Times

NO on HQ Opens

2008 07-17 Newspaper – Gay community needs to stand up / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: The gay/LGBT community needs to have significant conversations with them, show them that we are real people, and show them the families that they are advocating be hurt. [Read more…]

Making Headlines 2000-2004

Here’s a list of media coverage I received from 2000-2004.

2004 10-15 Newspaper – Y-S Pride Day Makes Front Page of Local Paper! / Mom Guess What

Excerpt: Thank you to everyone who made the first ever YSP Day a huge success!

2004 10-14 Newspaper – Yuba/Sutter Bursts With Pride / Outword Magazine

Excerpt: The weekend was organized by Yuba/Sutter Pride, a fledgling group headed up by Jeff. Hecalled the first effort a great success, and hopes to continue the momentum by organizing more events in the future.

2004 10-11 Newspaper – Pride Day comes alive in Y-S / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: The group staged a small demonstration on Plumas Street in Yuba City in July of 2003, and only a handful attended. Organizer Jeff said its numbers have been slowly growing ever since. He said attendance at the group’s meetings is still sparse – only about five to 10 people show up on average – but the group’s online newsletter has about 200 subscribers.

2004 10-09 Radio – discussed first Pride Day in Yuba-Sutter / Saturday Morning News Magazine, KUBA AM 1600

2004 10-05 TV – discussed first Pride Day in Yuba-Sutter / Take 5

2004 10-05 Radio – discussed first Pride Day in Yuba-Sutter / Talking Things Over, KUBA AM 1600

Promoting Pride Day On Local TV

2004 07-21 Newspaper – Photo enforcement of red-light runners in Marysville on the way / The Appeal-Democrat

Excerpt: Marysville resident Jeff, 23, however, said the red-light photo-enforcement could lead to overzealous monitoring of drivers. “I feel like it is part of the Big Brother mentality that everybody has to be monitored and caught,” Gonzalez said. [Read more…]

Making Headlines The 90’s

I’ve been writing published content since I was 16 in 1997. I was inspired by a substitute social studies teacher who encouraged my class to write the local paper regarding the seemingly endless bomb threats the school received. I submitted a letter to the local paper and it was published! I thought that was so cool. Now I’ve had more letters and commentaries published in newspapers and blogs than I can count.

Here’s the list of my published writings in media from the 90’s.

1998 06-11 Newspaper – Senior project will squeeze the life out of you / Lindhurst High School Reviewer

Excerpt: “it is hypocritical for the instructors and certain teachers to be unrealistically hard on students, while they have been so sloppy and apparently clueless. This class should be canceled (not crammed into one quarter) until SP organizers know what they are doing. Furthermore, some best the teachers oh parents and students an apology!” [Read more…]