How Do I Book Jeff 4 Justice For A Speaking Engagement?

Please call me at (323) 723-2959 or use this contact page to message me.

How Do I Advertise On His Show Or Website?

Please call me at (323) 723-2959 or click here to visit my advertising page.

How Can I Listen To The Jeff 4 Justice Show?

Click here to subscribe on iTunes.
Click here to subscribe on YouTube.

Can I Call In The Show?

I am unable to take live calls at this time but please call (323) 863-5443 and feel free to leave a recorded message. If I am able to, I’ll play it and reply to it on my show. Long distance and data rates may apply.

How Can I Follow Jeff’s Work?

How Can I Financially Contribute To Jeff’s Show & Activism?

How kind of you! Please click here to visit the contribute page for donation options. Thanks for your support!

How Can I Help Jeff’s Show Reach Its Full Potential?

You rock! Please click here to visit the contribute page. Besides donating there are many things you can do to help make this show succeed.

Who built the Jeff 4 Justice website?

A big thanks to Alysson Fergison (a.k.a. SEOAly). This website wouldn’t have been possible without her. If you need a small business website, podcasting related other otherwise, email her at aly [at] seoaly.com.

Who made Jeff’s logo?

A big thanks to the artist Eddie Olivares. I am amazed at the awesome job he did. At http://www.kidfitusa.info you can find out more about him.

Does Jeff Really Live In A Vehicle?

Yes. I’ve been living out of my vehicle by choice since September 2011. Occasionally I sleep on a couch or in the spare room of a family member, friend, or a couch surfing host. However, I primarily sleep in the back of my SUV. I shower at the gym. In the daytime I go to wifi spots to get work done, I make YouTube vids, and I interview people. Click here to learn more about how I survive living out of my SUV.

How Can I Couch Surf Host Jeff If He’s Ever In My Area?

I am open to platonic couch surfing host offers. Click here to visit my CouchSurfing International profile. If you’re unable to sign up for their website then please use this contact page to send me a note.

Is Jeff Single, Dating Someone, Or Married?

Single and gay. If you’re a kind, socially-conscious, emotionally-open, sober/drug-free guy open to a traveling lifestyle then click here to check out my dating profile.

Can I See More Photos Of Jeff?

Click here to see more photos.

Will Jeff 4 Justice Support My Cause?

Please use this contact page to send me a note for consideration.

Will Jeff 4 Justice Interview _____________?
Or Why Doesn’t Jeff Interview _____________?

If you would like for me to interview someone, please help me out by finding their contact information which is most likely on their website. Then, please use this contact page to send me a note. I will then gladly consider your request.

Will Jeff 4 Justice Talk About _____________?
Or Why Doesn’t Jeff Talk About _____________?
Or What Does Jeff Think About _____________?

Please initiate these conversations at my social media sites:

Will Jeff Please Look Into / Investigate _____________?

I’ll do what I can but remember I am a 1-person crew and producing the show is a full time job. I’m open to being hired to investigate social justice related issues or to help a cause as a paid organizer on a case-by-case basis. Please use this contact page to send me a note for consideration and I will gladly consider your request.

Is There Any Jeff 4 Justice Merchandise?

I’ll announce my online store once it’s completed.

If you have any other questions please use this contact page to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.